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Current Status of Security and Risk in the Financial Sector

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

The financial services industry is under a barrage of ransomware and spearphishing attacks, according to a new survey gauging the state of risk and security in the financial sector. Results will be released by the SANS Institute in a two-part webcast on Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20.

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ISACA To Help APAC Organisations Navigate the “Internet of Threats”

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

As more companies in Asia Pacific see the Internet of Things (IoT) as strategic to their business in order to effectively compete in the market, there is a greater need for companies to quickly ramp up their internal skills in creating secure IoT platforms to accelerate adoption and remain competitive.

Related Tags - ISACA, APAC, Internet of Threats, IoT, Vulnerabilities, CSX, IoT Security Framework

New Cybersecurity Jobs Index From ISACA Shows Skills Gap Is Growing

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

ISACA’s Cybersecurity Jobs Index is a new at-a-glance summary of key statistics and insights on the state of cybersecurity jobs and the growing gap between supply and demand. The job index shows that here has been a nearly 10-point jump in the past year among security pros.

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IBM Redefines Security, Availability and Economics of Storing Data in the Hybrid Cloud

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

IBM has introduced a new cloud object storage service that redefines the security, availability and economics of storing, managing and accessing massive amounts of digital information across hybrid clouds.

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