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IBM Launching Guardium Analyzer - GDPR Complaince Tool

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

IBM is announcing the release of Guardium Analyzer security tool today to help organizations identify and protect sensitive personal information that might be subject to the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Qualys Introduces App for Global IT Asset Inventory and CMDB Synchronisation

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Qualys, provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, has announced Asset Inventory (AI), a new Cloud App with capabilities that provide customers a single source of truth for IT assets spread across hybrid environments

Related Tags - Qualys, IT Asset Inventory, Cloud security, endpoint security, mobile security, CIO, CISO, Information Security

F-Secure Launches Rapid Detection & Response - a New Endpoint Security Solution

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response is an endpoint solution that provides companies lacking large IT and security teams or budgets with the advanced capabilities they need to defend themselves, or together with their managed service provider, from targeted attacks.

Related Tags - Data theft, fraud, F-Secure, Endpoint Security, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Targeted Attacks,

Smart Cities Pose New Security Challenges and Opportunities

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

New ISACA research on smart cities reveals several key areas of consideration when it comes to the security of these cities and the critical infrastructure systems they depend upon. Energy sector is a critical infrastructure system most susceptible to cyberattacks.

Related Tags - Smart Cities, cyber attacks, critical infrastructure, communication, energy, financial services, transportation, malware, ransomware, hackers,
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