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Darktrace Mobile App Version 2 Launched

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today launched version 2 of the Darktrace Mobile App. The new update enhances the ability for security teams to investigate in-progress threats and control Antigena autonomous response actions while in transit.

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Millions of Applications Risk Exposing Personal Data Due to Third Party Code

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

The apps involved include some with several billion installations worldwide, and a serious security flaw means private data can be intercepted, modified and used in further attacks, leaving many users defenseless.

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FireEye Unveils SmartVision Edition to Detect Stealthy, Malicious Traffic Inside Networks

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

FireEye the intelligence-led security company, has introduced a new threat detection solution, SmartVision Edition, that is designed to detect malicious traffic moving laterally within an enterprise network.

Related Tags - Malware, FireEye Network Security, FireEye, SmartVision Edition, threat detection, cyber attacks,

Cisco Doubles Down on Security Innovation and Investment to Protect the Endpoint and Email

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

To combat the rise of advanced threats targeting employees, Cisco is announcing new email security services to protect users from these fraudulent emails, as well as new capabilities to protect employees' devices from ransomware, cryptomining, and fileless malware.

Related Tags - Cisco Systems, Security Innovation, email security, cryptomining, fileless malware, ransomware, endpoint security,
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