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Managing Risk from the “Front Line” Correlates to Higher Revenue and Profit Growth

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Leading companies are increasingly moving risk management decisions squarely in the purview of “first line” business units. Companies doing this most effectively (“Front Liners”) are more likely to project higher revenues and profit growth.

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Alarming Increase in Targeted Attacks Aimed at Politically Motivated Sabotage and Subversion

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Cyber criminals revealed new levels of ambition in 2016 – a year marked by extraordinary attacks, including multi-million dollar virtual bank heists and overt attempts to disrupt the U.S. electoral process by state-sponsored groups, according to Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report.

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Hunting and Attacking Cyberthreats at Source Through Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

When it comes to data theft, cybercriminals can break in and steal data in a matter of minutes. Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that in 93 percent of the cases analysed, attackers were able to compromise systems in minutes or less.

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McAfee Showcases Increased Commitment to Cyber Threat Research with Shamoon Revelations

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

McAfee released evidence that a series of Shamoon malware campaigns targeting Saudi Arabia are the work of one coordinated force of attackers, rather than that of multiple independent renegade hacker groups.

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