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RSA Integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Provide More Options for Two-factor Authentication

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RSA SecurID Access from RSA, adds more options for two factor authentication to Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium. RSA SecurID Access customers can satisfy their need for strong authentication with added flexibility for hybrid environments in their journey to the cloud, simplify management challenges, and provide a consistent experience for users regardless of the location of the applications.

Security concerns with the cloud are still very prevalent, and account hijacking via stolen credentials remains a top concern. As organizations transition to the cloud, they must have a high-level of confidence that users are who they claim to be, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and modern authentication techniques are designed to provide a higher level of assurance. 

“Applications are being deployed at incredible speeds with user populations demanding access from wherever they are, whenever they want, from any device,” said Jim Ducharme, vice president, Identity Products, RSA. “By integrating RSA SecurID Access with Microsoft Azure AD Premium, RSA can help customers bridge the islands of identities that are created as customers journey to the cloud.”

RSA SecurID Access is designed to support a broad range of cloud and on-premises applications, and provides a choice of authentication methods with risk analytics for higher-levels of identity assurance. The solution is engineered to complement an assortment of modern authentication methods, including for example, the use of smart phones with push authentication, fingerprint and eyeprint verification. Users benefit from a common experience across a hybrid set of applications, while organizations are able to increase their identity confidence through risk analytics with a solution that is designed to adapt with changing requirements as they shift to the cloud.

Alex Simons, director, program management, Microsoft Identity Division at Microsoft Corp. added, "Enterprises are increasingly looking to the cloud to drive IT transformation. By working with RSA we can simplify and secure our shared customers move to the cloud. We are excited to work with RSA to make it easier for RSA SecurID customers to move to Microsoft Azure Active Directory.”

Organizations can use the broad set of RSA SecurID Access authentication methods to provide a high level of identity assurance for Azure AD SaaS applications, including Office 365, Azure AD application portal and Azure AD administrative console. Other benefits, as engineered, include:

  • Leverage and extend existing RSA SecurID investment: RSA SecurID customers can ensure a consistent and predictable experience for their end users across current RSA SecurID and Microsoft Azure AD protected resources (VPN, routers, gateways, etc.).
  • Consumer-simple usability with a high level of security: Organizations can adopt a layered approach to authentication by combining push, biometrics and other methods including risk analytics, for higher-levels of identity assurance.
  • Flexible authentication: An increasingly diverse population of users and a growing list of strong authentication use cases require organizations to support an assortment of different work styles. Within a given policy, RSA SecurID Access gives users a choice of authentication methods that best suits their individual preferences.

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