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Trend Micro Enhances Email Security Suite with XGen Capabilities for Microsoft Office 365

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As forecasted in Trend Micro’s 2017 predictions report, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams remain a top security threat for enterprises, resulting in total losses of more than $5.3 billion worldwide since 2013, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). To mitigate the risk of BEC and other similar threats, such as ransomware delivered via email, Trend Micro last week announced the company has integrated XGen™ security capabilities into its robust collection of SaaS email security solutions.

The addition of XGen security allows Trend Micro’s email security products to protect users by employing multiple techniques specifically designed to fight a variety of attacks. Trend Micro is the first and only email security provider to use machine learning for antimalware, which improves email delivery by filtering out more unknown malware before the sandbox layer. Anti-BEC technology is enhanced to combine expert rules with machine learning to identify phishing emails. While the integration of XGen™ is designed to identify and defend against nearly all email threats, other techniques such as exploit detection, macro analysis, sandboxing, and URL-time-of-click analysis defend against phishing campaigns, malicious links and ransomware.

According to a report from Gartneri , organizations should “Revisit the email security architecture in the light of modern email threats such as sophisticated malware, links to exploit kits, credential phishing and BEC. Security professionals have known for years that, due to its importance as an attack vector, email security requires a layered approach.”

Trend Micro SaaS email security solutions, Cloud App Security and Hosted Email Security, have already been updated with XGen™. Smart Protection for Office 365 is a new bundle of both of these SaaS solutions to provide total threat protection of Office 365 with the advantages of both an email gateway and service-integrated solution. It addresses the complete threat lifecycle by helping customers prevent, detect and respond to email attacks.

In addition to guarding against incoming email threats like ransomware, fraud and targeted attacks, Smart Protection for Office 365 detects internal phishing or BEC attacks. To respond and remediate against attacks, Trend Micro enables customers to search mailboxes for malware or attack indicators. Finally, Smart Protection for Office 365 also includes compliance and advanced threat protection controls for Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and other cloud file sharing services. This provides multi-layered protection for Office 365 and other cloud apps to protect email and file sharing, as well as guard against internal and external security threats.

Deep Discovery Email Inspector now also includes anti-BEC, URL-time-of-click, the option to filter spam, and best-in-class advanced threat protection with file and URL scanning using custom sandboxes and password extraction of encrypted attachments. Other on premise email security solutions will receive XGen updates in the next few months.

“All too often people set up their initial security solutions and never think about it again. Not only is this unwise, it’s dangerous. Basic security included by email service providers takes no effort for attackers to bypass,” said Kevin Simzer, executive vice president of operations for Trend Micro. “Currently more than 80 percent of ransomware can be blocked in email, and it’s our mission to see that number rise as we integrate XGen™ into our email security suite.”

Trend Micro email security products are smart, optimized and connected, to intercept phishing, ransomware and BEC attacks. They use the optimum blend of cross-generational threat techniques including machine learning to detect spam, malware and BEC, sandbox analysis, expert systems and other techniques to protect users and enterprises. The solutions are optimized for business environments to minimize management overhead and connect with other Trend Micro security layers to share threat intelligence and provide central visibility of threats across an organization.

“With the vast amount of threats facing the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that we have an email security solution that is a brick wall for today’s cybercriminals in order to keep company, employee and patient data secure,” said Ty Smallwood, Manager, Infrastructure and Security for Navicent Health. “We continually evaluate our security solution and through the process we found Trend Micro’s Email Security suite with XGen integration provides exactly the layered approach we need to ensure complete protection.”

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