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ForeScout Partners with ServiceNow for Improved Asset Management, Compliance and Security Response

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 ForeScout Technologies has announced a partnership with ServiceNow to help customers gain visibility of assets for better asset management, improved compliance and accelerated response to security incidents. As one of the first steps in this partnership, ForeScout announced the ForeScout Extended Module for ServiceNow. This new integration leverages ForeScout’s agentless approach to monitor both physical and virtual devices in real-time across campus, data center, and cloud environments and provides context sharing between ForeScout and ServiceNow. Together, the joint solution enables a single-source-of-truth repository that improves asset compliance and security response capabilities.

“With the proliferation of IoT and other connected devices, it is a challenge for IT teams to see what is on the network, manage their assets and sort through data to respond to malicious behavior,” said Michael DeCesare, president, and CEO at ForeScout. “By teaming up with ServiceNow, we provide organizations with a joint solution to securely monitor and manage their assets so they can quickly respond to incidents or breaches and make informed security decisions with improved compliance.”

Security and IT teams today are faced with several challenges due to an immense volume and diversity of network-connected devices, a highly mobile workforce, and virtualized hybrid-cloud environments, making it difficult to track and configure physical and virtual devices as they enter and exit the network. Together, ForeScout and ServiceNow allow for visibility of devices, monitoring for indications of security incidents and rapid response to contain a potential breach. Additionally, the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) is enriched by the contextual device information provided by ForeScout’s real-time view of assets.

“Lack of complete enterprise device visibility increases the challenge of detecting potential security issues,” said Sean Convery, vice president and general manager, ServiceNow Security Business Unit. “With ForeScout, we will now offer our joint customers stronger IoT device visibility, allowing for a targeted and orchestrated response to key threats.”

The new ForeScout Extended Module for ServiceNow leverages ForeScout’s real-time visibility and provides up-to-date device properties, classification, configuration and network context to ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB), a single-source-of-truth asset repository. This will allow organizations to have a current view of network assets, as well as the ability to track the movement of devices and contain or remediate assets for security response.

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