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Almost 54 Mobile Malware Attacks per Business: Check Point Research

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Check Point Software announced the results from the first ever study on the impact of mobile attacks in enterprise environments.  Findings from the research are based on data collected from more than 850 organizations spread across four continents.  The results are stark: enterprise mobility is found to be susceptible to attack on both major mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Threats to mobile users are capable of compromising any device and accessing sensitive data at any time. These threats impact every type of business from financial services to government to manufacturing.

Some key findings:

  • 100% of all businesses had experienced a mobile malware attack
  • 54 is the average number of mobile malware attacks per business
  • 89% of businesses experienced a man-in-the-middle attack over Wi-Fi
  • 75% averaged 35 rooted or jailbroken devices on network

In response to these research findings, Check Point has today announced improved capabilities for SandBlast Mobile, the industry leading threat defense solution to prevent advanced mobile cyber-attacks. Check Point SandBlast Mobile technology protects against mobile device, apps, and in-network threats and provides the industry’s highest threat catch rate.  Check Point SandBlast Mobile is now enhanced with improved capabilities to keep enterprises and consumers ahead of the game:

  • Artificial intelligence detection to immediately block zero-day malware
  • Blocking targeted SMiShing attacks on iOS and Android devices
  • A new app that allows end users to monitor and control device security

“The financial value and frequency of attacks on mobile devices exceeded that for PCs in 2017, which help explain the findings of the report,” said Michael Shaulov, Head of Products Mobile and Cloud Security at Check Point Software. “Mobile devices are essentially the new ‘backdoor’ for cyber-criminals, and we are pleased to provide this improved SandBlast Mobile solution to proactively protect enterprises and individual consumers.”

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