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EY Launches IoT/OT Security Lab to Help Companies Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

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EY has launched a new Internet of Things/Operational Technology (IoT/OT) Security Lab embedded within the EY wavespace flagship in Warsaw.

The lab allows clients to prototype cyber risk defense and IoT solutions for industrial critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation systems, utilities networks and more in a test environment.

The multi-million-dollar facility is staffed with a team of professionals with industry-leading experience and skills in IoT/OT and cybersecurity and is a collaborative hub to address clients’ pressing challenges by co-developing innovative solutions that leverage the latest security technologies and tools. The facility provides the ability to prototype and test OT security solutions in a lab-created simulation of the client’s control system environment.

“The continued proliferation of digital technology across industries means that along with huge advances in efficiencies and productivity, the cyber threats have increased exponentially. Our flagship EY wavespace™ center in Warsaw is equipped with the most advanced technologies in the area of IoT/OT, intelligent automation and cybersecurity to help clients experience innovative strategies on their control systems in a test environment. The lab is a perfect addition to our network that meets the needs of the industrial sector clients in their IoT/OT and cybersecurity agenda,” said Paul van Kessel, EY Global Advisory Cybersecurity Leader.

This is the first IoT/OT Security Lab in the EY wavespace™ ecosystem, and is also part of the organization’s Network of Excellence – a network of innovation centers, which works across related areas to help clients achieve radical breakthroughs in business transformation, and includes all EY cybersecurity centers around the globe.

“Companies today are being challenged every day to innovate and increase their competitiveness. For the industrial sector in particular, a large part of that innovation can come from infusing digital technology within the operational technology process. However, it’s also crucial for companies to understand firsthand and experience the different technologies available and how they can impact their current systems. With the ability to prototype and test, this security lab allows clients to experience new technology and solutions and choose the best option by thoroughly examining them in a low-cost and low-risk environment,” said Aleksander Poniewierski, EY Global IoT Leader.

The lab’s technical facilities include an OT environment to simulate industrial processes and a demonstration environment with a workshop and training area. The security tools and systems include the latest in OT cybersecurity solutions such as industrial firewalls, behavioral and signature-based intrusion detection systems, asset management and configuration control, which help to design and test clients’ target OT security operations center.

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