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Infosys Staffers' ICICI Salary Accounts Hacked: Lakhs Siphoned Off

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In a case of internet fraud, the salary accounts of more than 23 employees of software major, Infosys, in several cities across the country were hacked and money siphoned off in May this year. The fraud has forced ICICI, the official bank of the company to refund the amounts.

Sources said that at least five employees lost over Rs.2 lakh from their accounts. While the company’s Hyderabad office received just a few complaints, several employees from other cities including Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Bengaluru had complained about the online fraud. The first complaint came from an employee in Bhubaneswar on May 8, triggering others, tagged in the company’s internal mailing group, to rise the alarm, employees confirmed. Despite repeated attempts, Infosys officials have refused to comment, though ICICI has confirmed the theft.

“Each of the salary accounts indicated several online transactions that were fraudulent and in most cases police refused to entertain complaints,” a source said. Interestingly, a majority of the aggrieved employees had employee identification numbers beginning with the series — 192. “Most of the employees who faced the problem were recruited in the August, 2011 batch of the company’s Hyderabad office to be later deputed to other places,” an employee said. In an emailed response to The Hindu, an ICICI bank spokesperson said the bank has refunded money to all the impacted customers and replaced their ATM cards.

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