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Visa to Launch Contactless Payment Wristbands at Eurovision Contest

Posted By - DynamicCISO,

Visa, one of the largest global payment providers is collaborating with Gemalto, the digital security player will equip visitors at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with conta​ctless payment wristbands​. Gemalto's solution for Visa encompasses personalization, packaging and fulfilment of the contactless wristbands, and utilizes its Allynis Smart Event Platform for the prepaid payment program and event management. 

The Visa contactless wristbands will be part of Visa Europe's official ES​C sponsorship, which will be made available for purchase at the Eurovision Village in Stockholm, Sweden, in the week leading up to the Contest. Eurovision Song Contest expects to attract up to 65,000 visitors providing a contactless experience and culminates in a Grand Finale at the Globe Arena on May 14th drawing an estimated TV audience of 200 million. 

Gemalto's integrated solution ensures that Visa will be able to showcase contactless experiences, including shopping without carrying cash or payment cards. Gemalto has provided a responsive website that enables access to real-time account information including prepaid balances and history. The wristbands can be used to make payments at any Visa ready contactless POS terminal in the world and continue to be active after the show is over until 31st October 2016. 

The Allynis Smart Event Platform can be employed in conjunction with any payment form factor, including wearables and mobile NFC, and provides off-the-shelf management of payment, data and access rights as well as an extensive portfolio of white label applications. The full solution supports a rich array of features including 'tap and go' payments, seamless access management to venues and hospitality areas, and many other value-added applications. It improves and secures the visitor experience, and enables organizers and other stakeholders to implement intelligent communication, marketing and loyalty programs that run before, during and after live events. 

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