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Focus on Internal Vulnerabilities, Comprehensive Security Education: Amit Singh, Country Manager India, Dell-SonicWALL

Posted By - Rahul Neel Mani, Editor

DynamicCISO, in its effort to reach out to the information security vendors, spoke to Amit Singh, Country Manager, Dell-SonicWALL India and probed him on the threat scenario, cyber attack landscape and the efforts Dell-SonicWALL is making to help Indian enterprises fight the cyber security threats. Presented here is an excerpted interview:  

Amit Singh Dell-SonicWALL

Given the ultra-sophistication of cyber-attacks today, and given the repercussions that Corporates are facing due to lack of awareness and lackluster implementation of information security, what are the key thoughts that you'd like to share with the IS community in India?  

The dramatic spike in social engineering, malicious and/or accidental internal attacks, as well as sophisticated, advanced persistent threats means the organization is vulnerable from all directions. All stakeholders must immediately take action to strengthen access to points inside and outside the perimeter, and help users prevent such attacks. The education and awareness training should be a key focus area. According to a survey done by Dell in both private as well as public companies among 1440 respondents, 67 percent of survey respondents said they have increased funds spent on education and training of employees in the past 12 months; 50 percent believe security training for both new and current employees is a priority and 54 percent have increased spending in monitoring services over the past year. 

Security Intelligence and implementation of a wider security cover is of paramount importance for corporates today to protect their data and information assets. Where do you see the gaps and how can they be filled up? 

Epidemic threats come from all perimeters, both inside and outside of the organization and are often hidden in poorly configured settings or permissions, and ineffective data governance, access management and usage policies. Closer to 76 percent of IT leaders agree that to combat today’s threats, an organization must protect itself both inside and outside of its perimeters. This requires not only a comprehensive set of solutions that protects from the inside out and the outside in ─ from the endpoint, to the data center to the cloud ─ but one that also connects these capabilities to provide deeper insights and stronger predictive analytics so that strategic action can be taken quickly. 

What are the focus areas for SonicWALL-Dell in the year 2014-15 and why do you think are those are important to be followed in today's business world? 

The focus area for Dell SonicWALL in this year is to establish the importance of internal vulnerabilities, comprehensive security education and a new approach of connected security. They are important to be followed as in the current dynamic environment we have new nature and locations of threats that potentially have much higher detriment value than before. 

What are the key advances SonicWALL-Dell is proposing in the Endpoint and Network Security areas that are different than the tradition way of doing InfoSec?     

Big data, cloud computing, mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) present enormous opportunities for businesses — as well as for cybercriminals who view these technologies as convenient entry points for data theft. Their intent is on exploiting disconnected security: IT security tools, processes, user profiles and data separated into silos that leave dangerous gaps in between.

Dell Connected Security eliminates silos of security information, connecting security across data, infrastructure and applications with our data, network, endpoint and security services solutions.

We offer a comprehensive lifecycle approach that: 

  • Embeds security at the time of manufacturing as well as every data touch point. Dell Data Protection solutions protect end-user data wherever it goes; Dell KACE provides systems management as well as software patching that safeguards all endpoints from the latest identified vulnerabilities.
  • Detects threats and mitigates risks with predictive, context-aware intelligence. Our award-winning Dell SonicWALL solutions provide next-generation firewalls, secure remote access and email security solutions that protect the boundary without sacrificing user productivity or network performance.
  • Protects data and systems by enabling users to get the right access at the right time with Dell One Identity. Keep your network safe with email security and powerful firewall solutions from Dell SonicWALL, then achieve proactive protection with comprehensive Managed Security Services.
  • Responds to IT security breaches with managed IT security services. Dell SecureWorks provides Threat Intelligence and other services that fortify security and better protect, predict and respond to threats.


Talk about Dell KACE K 100 Endpoint Systems Management Appliance and how it helps user organisations in handling the deluge of endpoints and "Internet of Things"? 

Our vision at Dell KACE is to provide an appliance-based approach to systems management, to create time for systems administration professionals, while saving money for their companies. The KACE Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution, unlike traditional software approaches that can require complex and time-consuming deployment and maintenance. KACE accomplishes this via an extremely flexible, intelligent appliance-based architecture that typically deploys in days and is self-maintaining. It helps user organizations in:

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