Check Point® Software has published the 2018 Security Report. The 2018 Security Report looks at the problems facing IT security professionals worldwide across all industries, providing cyber security professionals and C-Levels the information they need to protect their organizations from 5th generation cyber threats.

Drawing upon multiple surveys of IT professionals and C-level executives as well Check Point’s Threat Cloud and threat intelligence reports, the 2018 Security Report examines modern threats against various industries, encompassing health, manufacturing, and government verticals. A key finding from the report is that over 300 mobile apps in trusted, reputable app stores are infected with malware, while cloud threats, crypto-mining attacks and IoT device vulnerabilities are on the rise.

“We’re seeing a new generation of cyber-attacks – powered by leaked state-sponsored technology, these ‘Gen V’ attacks are multi-vector, fast-moving, and mega-scaled,” said Peter Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer of Check Point Software Technologies. “Despite this, 77 percent of CISOs expressed concern that their organizations aren’t equipped to handle these modern day attacks, and the vast majority of organizations’ security infrastructures are woefully outdated. The 2018 Security Report offers knowledge, insights, solutions, and recommendations on how to prevent these attacks.”

Seeking to uncover even more information about the modern threat landscape, Check Point surveyed 443 IT and security professionals around the world about the challenges they face in securing against Gen V attacks. Survey results reinforced findings from the Security Report in highlighting that most organizations’ security is ten years and at least two generations behind the current 5th generation threat level underlining the worldwide, systemic Gen V vulnerability.

“The report provides a clear overview of a threat landscape where 5th Generation cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent,” said Doug Cahill, group director and senior cybersecurity analyst at market research firm Enterprise Strategy Group. “No public or private enterprise is immune; hospitals, city governments and global corporations are all at risk, yet 97% of all organizations are not equipped to deal with these Gen V mega attacks, and this needs to change.”

As a leader in cybersecurity, our goal in publishing this report is to equip all interested parties with an understanding of the fifth generation threat landscape and, most importantly, how to protect themselves from it.

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