Barracuda and Israel-based SCADAfence have announced a solution to enforce security levels across operational technology (OT), critical infrastructure networks, and smart buildings by providing visibility, detection, and automated incident response to a growing number of new and critical security threats.

The digital transformation of industrial control system (ICS) environments, which include an extended adoption of advanced technologies and connection to regular IT networks, has led to new security challenges.

Facilities such as manufacturing facilities and critical utilities formerly relied on a perceived “air gap” between their IT and OT systems and the internet. But increased digitalization has had the effect of closing the air gap and opening IT and OT systems up to potential attacks via the internet.

Rising connectivity between manufacturing plants, critical infrastructure facilities, smart buildings, and their corresponding external environments has exposed OT networks to a threat landscape ranging from targeted attacks to generic ransomware.

“By leveraging Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewall, SCADAfence seamlessly adds internal OT security and visibility to existing security controls, combining OT threat detection with automatic enforcement capabilities to improve incident response,” said Barracuda VP & GM, Network Security, Dr. Klaus Gheri. “It also enables industrial control systems to monitor all remote access activities in real time to ensure that no unauthorized access or changes occur.”

Solution Overview:

Combining SCADAfence’s understanding of the internal OT network activities with Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewall network protection and threat mitigation capabilities extends the visibility and security enforcement capabilities from standard IT to specialized networks driving today’s operational technology. Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewall products leverage the accurate data coming from the SCADAfence Platform.

Solution Benefits:

The solution provides these main benefits:

Stronger internal OT security and better visibility to the existing IT security controls.

Combines OT threat detection with automatic enforcement capabilities to automate incident response.

Increases network resilience by ensuring proper enforcement of security policies.

Monitors remote access activities and ensures that only authorized changes are performed.

Prevents unwanted protocol usage.

Blocks unauthorized access.

To ensure proper security control and risk management, organizations in manufacturing, critical infrastructures, and smart buildings need to deploy dedicated security solutions either within the OT network and on the perimeter between IT and OT, or between the internet and OT.

The new solution combines leading monitoring, segmentation, and secure remote access solutions so organizations can have the peace of mind that they are protected in the new digital era.

“We are excited to join forces with Barracuda Networks to provide organizations in manufacturing, critical infrastructures, and smart buildings a holistic solution that effectively protects IT/OT environments,” said Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence.

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