BD Soft offers the Peregrine SIEM solution developed by Cyber NX for businesses in the Indian market a solution built to simplify the implementation of the security monitoring process by reducing the complexity, bringing in the advance skills and management capabilities.

Peregrine SOC is built on the pay as you grow model, so whether it is a small organization having 2 Servers or have 20 or 200 assets or Servers, the solution can cater to all the security requirements cost-effectively and efficiently.

Aimed to reduce complexity, democratize and simplify cybersecurity monitoring, the solution brings added security to MSME, SME’s, and large corporations in India. Peregrine aggregates millions of logs from various security and infrastructure devices, correlates them, and detects the threats in real-time through integration with different threat intel and feeds.

Furthermore, its unique design and massively scalable architecture offer elasticity and scalability irrespective of the size of the business, thereby offering comprehensive solutions. Its dynamic threat model is programmed to detect both known and unknown zero-day attacks.

The state-of-the-art solutions would reduce complexity, democratize, and simplify cyber security monitoring for everyone, helping create complete visibility and protection for

Advance security threats, zero-day threats, Ransomware attacks, and phishing attacks, impersonation attacks in realtime irrespective of their size or where they are loca

Speaking on the launch, Krishnakant Mathuria, Co-Founder, CyberNX says “Cybersecurity has become an integral part of any organizational framework today, irrespective of its size. Despite being a necessity, businesses lack the resources to deploy cutting-edge cybersecurity that is required to protect themselves from advanced cyber threats adequately.

With Peregrine, we aim to strengthen these businesses by offering them a holistic solution that secures their frameworks as they follow a hybrid work model and monitors potential cyber security threats, 24×7.

Peregrine addresses an organization’s cybersecurity monitoring requirements and meets regulatory requirements they need to adhere. It aims to solve cyber security challenges by providing advance cyber security monitoring solution, which is affordable for organization’s of all sizes.

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