As the pandemic continues to accelerate digital transformation, it’s the role of the CISO that will be expected to step forward and provide the essential leadership. BT Group’s latest report “CISOs Under The Spotlight” has identified five major trends that are changing the role of the CISO along with some worrying behaviors that really call for a strategic response.
There’s a belief within enterprises that they are secure but that’s not the full story: cybersecurity breaches remain at a dangerous level.
According to the report, four in five executives say their organization’s IT security strategy is strong and shareholders should be confident that the IT team has “done as much as is reasonable to be secure”. And yet. The evidence suggests that such confidence is misplaced. Eight in ten executives say their employer suffered a security incident in the last two years. That said, as attitudes are maturing, people understand the scale of the problem. 
We have put together interesting data points and facts from the report in a nice infographic for you to ponder upon. Do take a look:

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Image credit: BT Group

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