As global cybersecurity concerns increase, governments and companies are ever more seeking to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can have drastic, lasting effects on a company, which is why it is important to stay as secure as possible. One such company, which is helping enterprises stay safe and secure despite digitalization, is CloudSEK.

The company, which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital risk management enterprise, is the brainchild of cyber security expert Rahul Sasi. It was founded in 2015 when Sasi realized that there wasn’t a comprehensive solution to monitor external cyber threats. The goal was to build an Al-based threat management platform that detects, analyses, and reports actionable threats to organizations.

Over the years, CloudSEK has built a diverse team of ambitious individuals, whose complementary skills and working styles, has enabled them to serve 37 organizations globally. This ambitious startup has developed a niche product which can scan and monitor the dark web, deep web and surface web threats known as XVigil. The product helps secure companies across sectors; ranging across financial services, healthcare, governments, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.

CloudSEK tunes XVigil to monitor social media, surface web pages, dark web, discussion forums, and messengers such as Telegram. XVigil’s crawlers scours these sources to detect the instances of fake customer care numbers and the associated details, relevant data dumps that contain leaked customer data. XVigil’s AI-powered engine processes raw data to discard duplicates and false positives.

The threats are then analyzed, rated based on threat levels, and taken down promptly, to ensure users are not affected. As many as 11 of the Fortune Global companies and 7 of the world’s biggest banks, trust XVigil to safeguard their security posture.

Today, CloudSEK has investors such as Exfinity Ventures, former Infosys board member V Balakrishnan, StartupXseed Ventures (which recently exited its cybersecurity investment, ShieldSquare), ME Meeran Trust on board. After establishing itself as a cybersecurity solution in the financial, e-commerce and transportation sector, CloudSEK now plans to target the pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and retail industry. Axis Bank, Federal Bank, NPCI, OLAM, L&T, Go-Jek, HDFC Bank, Bank Bazaar are already in CloudSEK’s client list. The company is also planning its footprints in India and South East Asia.


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