Organizations across the world baffels with the question” how do you keep corporate data and devices safe without hampering the user experience – particularly in the world of hybrid work?

Synopsys, is using the Citrix workspace; its  digital workspace platform and secure access solutions to overcome the challenges that distributed IT and work models are creating. These Citrix solutions provide secure and reliable access to the resources Synopsys employees need to work across every work channel, device and location.

“Synopsys manages more than 30 access locations, and no matter where a user is connecting from or what they are connecting to, we want to ensure that connection is secure and optimized,” said Sriram Sitaraman, Chief Information Officer, Synopsys.

Providing Secure Access

Through Citrix Workspace, Synopsys provides secure access to the virtual desktops, SaaS, web, mobile apps and content that employees need to be productive with a single, consumer-like experience.

Sitaraman further said “By unifying access to all our corporate applications and providing a single pane of glass through which we can manage them, Citrix has helped tighten our security posture and enhance our user experience.”

Using a powerful set of zero trust-based secure access solutions delivered as part of Citrix Workspace, including Citrix Secure Workspace Access and Citrix Analytics for Security, Synopsys is not only able to authenticate user access based on their device posture and user location, but also constantly monitor user, application and network behaviour and dynamically apply secure access policies to ensure that corporate information and apps remain secure no matter where work happens.

Ensuring Reliable Performance

Core to this experience is ensuring that an employee’s applications are performing at their best no matter where they’re delivered from (the datacenter or the cloud) or where they’re delivered to (the office, the branch or the home). And Synopsys is using Citrix ADC™ to achieve this.

“We have one set of services in our enterprise data centers, host another in the cloud through SaaS providers and users are distributed across multiple locations to ensure better service,” said Joe Fu, IT director of Engineering and Applications, Synopsys. “And no matter where they are across the globe, or how they are connecting back into the enterprise data center, they have an optimized experience to access apps and data because they are coming through Citrix.”

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