Sujeet Bambawale, Vice President and CISO, 7-Eleven

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the humanitarian crisis along and gave only little opportunity for cyber warriors to defend their organizations from lethal threats. Our heightened dependency on digital infrastructure raises numerous concerns as cybercriminals constantly devise innovative ways to attack their targets. According to one estimate, the global cost of cybercrime will rise to $10.5 trillion a year by 2025.

Sujeet Bambawale, Vice President and CISO, 7-Eleven delivered an excellent talk titled New Dimensions in CyberSecurity where he looked at both the positive and negative sides of the pandemic for information security folks. Of course, the past two years have been a tremendous headache for the cybersecurity industries among others where the old trends and practices didn’t work. That said, he sounded very positive about how security folks learned to come together in work-from-home environments to neutralize some of the biggest threats to their company. “The teams that power security operations centers quickly learned to come together in the world from home environments, and give the exact same amount of service deliverables and high-quality work.”

He attributed Log4j as a never-seen-before event “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anything get broken with such a compressed timeframe”.

The following are the key points he touched upon during his talk:

  • Empowering your people with the right tools
  • Scaling the strength of your information security capabilities in an intelligent, elastic manner that uses your human capital for activities.
  • Security is a place where creativity meets technology meets human psychology. Welcome people from all walks of life.
  • Cybersecurity isn’t just the engineering discipline: awesome ideas from people who are far diversified from those typical academic and experience streams
  • Not just you but threat actors are also thinking about scale. And they’re thinking about optimizing their time and optimizing their investments. So you have to go and think about scalable technology as well.
  • Adapting to the right communication strategy.

Watch this 25-minute video for more insights.

(This article is an extract basis the expert session by Sujeet Bambawale, Vice President and CISO, 7-Eleven at the recently concluded dynamicCISO summit on 10 and 11 March ‘22)

By Bablu Kumar

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