If we take a stock of the last couple of years, we’ll find Healthcare as one of the few industries, which was most stressed due to the pandemic that went out of hands, and out of proportion. Unfortunately, it was also the toughest time for healthcare professionals when cyber attackers chose to dwell into their networks and attack them left, right and centre stealing critical patient data and holding them to ransom. On the other hand, this also presented an opportunity to the healthcare providers to put their Digital Transformation initiatives in top gear and leverage maximum from the momentum.       

And therefore, according to data presented by TMR, the digital healthcare market, which was just about US$180 billion in 2016 will grow to US$ 537 billion in 2025. Besides deploying technology for delivering better patient care, preventive healthcare and so on, the healthcare technology departments are also prioritising to protect the new connected digital healthcare environment with static, retroactive security products, designed to detect and alert for violations.

Smruti Gandhi, Executive Editor, ISMG recently spoke to a passionate digital health and cybersecurity expert Tyler Cohen Wood, Co-Founder of Dark Cryptonite and former US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Cyber Deputy Division Chief. To her fame, Tyler has created a healthcare solution that facilitates diagnosis on both doctors and patients. Her goal is to make use of digital forensics in healthcare ecosystem. 

Interestingly, Tyler got inspired by her own case. When she fell sick in the year 2018 and life was caught in an endless loop of isolated care that didn’t provide any convincing resolution to an unexplained condition, she started building on her passion for digital health. She applied all her past knowhow to not only save her own life but also to create the path for the industry to follow. Ever since, she has been working on to protect the healthcare ecosystem from cyber threats while bringing together cybersecurity knowledge and patient experience to drive the truly necessary transformation.

Tyler has also authored a book, “Catching the Catfishers, which focuses on protecting from online predators. She has also laid down a Home Incident Response Plan, which involves talking with kids about what to do if they confront problems including accidentally downloading malware etc.

Listen to this 18-minute conversation where Tyler pours her heart and explains her passion for cybersecurity, digital forensics and more. 

By Smruti Gandhi

Smruti has a rich academic & professional background. After completing post graduation from S P Jain Institute of Management Studies , Smruti has worked with Dun & Bradstreet, Great Place to Work before joining Grey Head Media.

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