Quantum Corporation today announced its latest innovations to protect against ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks. Quantum’s Scalar Ransom Block is an industry-first feature of Quantum’s Scalar tape systems that eliminates the risk of data being accessed or compromised over the network.

This patent-pending feature creates a hardware “block” between data stored on tapes and every network-connected device including the robotic tape system, as shown in this short video. 

Ransom Block can be initiated remotely, does not require any person to handle tapes, ensures data cannot be accessed over the network even if the tape library is hacked, and preserves the ability to audit the tape library so customers know their data is safe and secure. 

“The threat of ransomware and other forms of cyber-attacks are one of the chief concerns of our customers,” says Jamie Lerner, chairman and CEO of Quantum. “Tape storage systems are a critical part of building cyber-resilient infrastructures, both for large archives and as part of a comprehensive data protection strategy. Quantum Scalar Ransom Block is an industry-first solution that ensures data is protected and secure with a click of a button and provides the ultimate layer of protection for data stored on tape.”

Ensure Your Data on Tape is Safe from Attack with Quantum Scalar Ransom Block

When ransomware breaches a network successfully, the monetary damage can be substantial, as are the risks from downtime of critical systems, lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Tape systems are a critical part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure data is protected and quickly recoverable in the event of a ransomware attack. Tape systems are inherently more secure than hard drive (HDD) or flash (SSD) storage systems because the data stored on tape is not connected to the network. However, because the tape library itself is a network connected device, there is still some risk of a remote hack in the unlikely event the tape library itself is hacked. To address this risk in a simple, automated way, Quantum designed the Scalar Ransom Block feature.

How Ransom Block Works

Tapes stored in the library sit in a magazine. Quantum’s patent-pending design partially ejects the magazine so the tapes cannot be selected by the robot until an operator physically re-inserts the magazine. Because the magazine is only partially ejected, the barcode scanner on the robot can still scan the tape barcodes, so that system administrators can perform periodic audits of the tape system to ensure tapes are still present. 

The tapes are inaccessible until an operator, who must have physical access to the tape library, re-inserts the magazine. Tape systems can be stored in secure data centers that require badged access.

Latest Innovations are Part of a Comprehensive Security Framework

Many features are unique to Quantum Scalar Tape Systems, including: 

  • Scalar Ransom Block and Logical Tape Blocking to ensure data stored on tape is secure, even in the event of a remote hack. 
  • Scalar Active Vault enables tapes to be moved into a secure, isolated in-library vault partition that has no network connectivity and is not visible to any application or network.
  • Scalar Media Security Alerts notify the administrator when media is removed – either expectedly or unexpectedly – from the library.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled for administrator and user logins, providing additional security for access control. 

These unique features are part of over 25 features and capabilities that form the Quantum Scalar Security Framework. 

Availability and Pricing

Ransom Block and Logical Tape Blocking are expected to be available on new Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 tape libraries in December 2021.

(Image Courtesy: www.i1.wp.com)

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