Trend Micro recently introduced Deep Discovery a simplified version to analyse capabilities for its network security solution. Deep discovery detects and analyses advanced threats on the network and are able to streamline investigation. The solution helps in effective working of organizations and provide security professional with insight into the happenings in their network and respond accordingly.

The solution enhances sharing of advanced threat information or indicators of compromise (IOCs) by leveraging standards-based formats and transfers.  All compatible security solutions an organization uses, including the entire Trend Micro product family and third-party products will have the up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. This simplifies IOC management for stretched IT teams.

Network analytics enable security teams to easily look back at historical data in an automated way to determine:

  • Who was the first point of compromise
  • What other users in the network have been impacted
  • Where the threat is calling out to, including Command and Control (C&C) and malicious site redirects

“Nobody likes to be blindsided. Security professionals need to be able to see what is happening across their network and respond quickly when needed. They need to be able to filter the noise so they can focus on critical tasks,” said Eric Skinner, vice president of solution marketing for Trend Micro. “The new network analytics capabilities of Deep Discovery do just that, empowering organizations struggling with skills shortages to keep themselves protected and productive.”

Deep Discovery is available globally.

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