There are shortages that exist across industry to create a robust skilled cyber workforce and build programs to bridge the gap. The idea of creating skilled professionals with deep technical training who are able to take on high-value roles like secure systems, penetration testing, secure corporate data and prevent data loss.

Global Information Security Workforce Study revealed that by 2022 the global cyber security workforce shortage has been projected to reach upwards of 1.8 million unfilled positions.

IBM study revealed 70% of workers said that remote work due to COVID-19 increased the cost of a data breach. Reports from various sources indicate that by 2025 India will have 1.5 million job vacancies in cyber security by 2025.

Tsaaro Academy came up with an initiative where training program will equip young engineers with insights into the importance of data, analytics, and privacy in building next generation digital services. This just-in-time initiative is critical, especially as India prepares to implement the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019.

The courses will be imparted free of cost via Tsaaro Academy, a unique privacy certification training platform that is also an exclusive training partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

When asked how will it help block deficiency in Cyberspace by DynamicCISO?

 Akarsh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, Tsaaro said “Cyberspace has been facing numerous challenges to deal with the threats posed on data that is processed by organizations and data processors. Majority of these challenges occur due to negligence that could be avoided through simple measures to secure the data”.

 Through these trainings, we wish to empower and educate young engineers and graduates on steps to be taken to safeguard the data, comply with the required legal regulations, and implement security measures to prevent organizations from a data breach or a leak.

Singh further quoted “Work in the area of privacy compliance will flood the Indian market, and our goal is to help Indian businesses stay viable”.


We hope to see that enterprises sufficiently invest in various cyber security awareness and training program for their teams, not only to retain but also up skill talent to fill open roles. These trainings will help prioritise cyber security and privacy training initiatives.

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